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Vitameal Entree

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THIS AMAZING PROGRAM offers meals to malnourished children! When you purchase, a bag of VITAMEAL containing 30 meals is gifted to a hungry child.


PROGRAM INFO: As part of the overall development of VitaMeal, Nu Skin’s nutritional scientists determined the ingredients and ratios that are well suited for a malnourished child. The result is a product that includes highly effective levels of essential vitamins and minerals with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. One bag of VitaMeal holds 30 child-sized meals—enough to provide one nourishing meal a day to a child for a month.

Maximize your Impact with a Nu Skin match
For every donation of 5 VitaMeal Bags in a single transaction, Nu Skin® will donate one additional VitaMeal bag. For all other donations, Nu Skin matches one bag for every eight bags purchased and donated.